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Dear Friends,
During the past year most of us were exposed in some way to the challenges facing world economies. At Carimar Beach Club, we maintained a decent level of buoyancy by maintaining a positive outlook with the support of our staff at all levels, with our focus always on quality service and customer satisfaction.We continue to invest in our staff by exposure to professional Tourism related training and conferences both locally and overseas. Our invaluable returns show up as positive guest comments and our retention of the # 1 position on Trip Advisor among hotels in the West End of Anguilla.In November 2010, Carimar Beach Club begins its 25th year of operation. The dream conceived under an umbrella on Meads Bay by two New York City doctors and their wives in 1982 has, I believe, surpassed their then perceived levels of success as they continue to enjoy their times at the property along with other property owners who all recognise that their property has maintained prominent positioning within the island’s tourism product offerings.

With hurricane season upon us, we sincerely hope that the dismal predictions of an above average season are yet again set aside by the powers that be and that our entire region is spared especially for the benefit of our Caribbean neighbour, Haiti, where time and a great deal of help are needed.

We are thankful to each of you for your continued support and for being a part of our “Carimar Family” over the years. Your confidence in our product as demonstrated by your frequency of visits, coupled with our commitment to quality service in clean and well maintained accommodations and supported by the best TEAM of employees on the island, is a prescription for continued success.

From all of us at Carimar Beach Club, we wish you well and look forward to your return.

Alfred Thompson
General Manager

Most recent Honoured Guest with Staff

Most recent Honoured Guest with Staff

“Start with equal portions of sun, sea and sand. Top this off with a superlative, friendly staff. What have you got? The recipe for Carimar Beach Club.”
Robin & Everett Pollard
Sunapee, New Hampshire