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Music & Nightlife

Anguilla is noted for its thriving local talent and offers a dynamic music scene with a variety of venues from Dune Preserve and Johnno's to local beach bars and upscale hotels. Visitors to the island love listening to their favorite band while enjoying fine dining or relaxing on the beach. Favorites include Sprocka, The Musical Brothers, British Dependency, Omalie 360, Omari Banks, and Bankie Banx…just to name a few.

Some of Anguilla’s favorite musicians, nightlife, and music spots include the following:

Voted by CNN as the #1 beach bar in the world, “this meandering beachside treehouse features a driftwood bar, casual lunch, and dinner, and live music. Every year, on the first full moon in March, The Dune Preserve hosts the world-famous Moon Splash Music Festival featuring Bankie Banx and other reggae stars.”
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Dune Preser
Located on Sandy Ground, Elvis’ Beach Bar features a DJ, a dance floor, and a huge outdoor TV screen for watching sporting events.
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Elvis
Enjoy the incredible sunset poolside while you enjoy hors d’oeuvres, sushi, tapas, and cocktails. Weekly entertainment programs are held featuring Omalie 360 and many more local talents. 
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Omalie 360
A lovely little place with beautiful ambiance and local flair. Movie nights and live music add Caribbean vibes to the charm of this place.
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Lime Keel H
Moonsplash is one of Anguilla's largest and most anticipated annual music festivals. With Bankie Banx as your host and The Dune Preserve as the location, you are in for a blast! It is usually held during the late part of March and hosts guests from all over the Caribbean, as well as with Anguilla's top musicians.
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Moonsplash
Bankie Banx is an Anguillan Music Legend. He has several records and has performed regularly on his home island of Anguilla for more than 30 years. You can always find him at his place, The Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay.

Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Dune Preser
Omalie Durand is a terrific entertainer. He plays many different types of music depending upon the venue - including songs of John Legend, whom he covers very well. His band, Omalie 360, performs at various venues around the island. 
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Omalie 360
”I want to take my music to an international market because I have an opinion based on knowledge and information. I want to use the gifts I’ve been blessed with to have a positive influence on people. Being someone who has already traveled the world with sports, I’m able to have a broader perspective than a lot of other people. I can communicate to all levels of thinking from a child to an adult and my music is ageless and really touches lives because the stories are true and talk about what’s really going on.” – Omari Banks
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Omari Banx
A music legend on our little island. If you ever been to Anguilla, you must have heard him singing... .

Sprocka is a multi-talented musician who sings and plays the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and trumpet. As well as playing almost every request one can imagine, he also has a fabulous repertoire of his own compositions.

Sprocka has played throughout the Caribbean with several popular bands and also as a solo artist, which is what he mainly enjoys these days. He plays at the local five-star hotels in Anguilla, at Scilly Cay, and for private functions.

Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Sprocka 2
Queen B - or as we know her as Rebecca - garnered fame during Anguilla's Carnival. The legendary Calypso Monarch champ, Queen B, sings melodies that speak for us all. It's nothing but her love for Anguilla. She performs at various resorts and restaurants around the island. 
Anguilla Expeiences Nighlife Queen B