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Tropical Paradise / Gardens

Our three-acre property is planted with a lush selection of both native and non-native flora that provides a lovely frame around our villas and a source of food and refuge for our birds and lizards. The star of the show is the large Orchid Tree at the front of our property, a favorite of hummingbirds. You are welcome to enjoy freshly picked flowers and home-grown herbs during your stay.

Sustainability Plants Bananas

Banana Tree

If you are lucky, you can pick your own banana or papaya when walking through our garden
garden Flowers S


Frangipani flowers in all colors
Garden Butterflies


Garden Paraque


Who has seen our parakeet?
garden Coconut


Catch me if you can
garden herbs

Bon Appetit

Pick your garden herbs for your home-cooking
Garden Hummingbird

Hummingbird in Orchid Tree

Botanical Garden, Anguilla Caribbean


Garden Texas Rose

Texas Rose