Hilda and Sharon A
Elicio and Miguel
Hugo B
Kerry C
Miguel Coconuts

Our Team

Carimar Beach Club is located on one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and our villas in Anguilla are very spacious to rent, but it is the hospitality and graciousness of our staff that will make your stay special.

Some of our staff members have been with Carimar since its founding 36 years ago. You will see them again next year, know their stories, and become part of our Carimar family. All of them exemplify the warmth and friendliness that has long been associated with Anguillans. When you return, you will be greeted with a warm welcome back to your vacation paradise.
Staff Alesia

Alesia West

Alesia, part of our housekeeping team since 2013
Staff Cindy, Hermia and Rolf D

Hermia Smith, Rolf Masshardt, and Cindy Williams

Our General Manager, Rolf Masshardt, with two of our office queens, Cindy Williams & Hermia Smith
Staff Evo

Evans 'Evo' Hodge

Evans 'Evo', head of our maintenance team, part of our family for 19 years
Staff Norma

Norma Richardson

Norma has been with Carimar for more than 30 years and is supervisor of our housekeeping team
Staff Marge (retired 2019)

Marge Hughes

Marge was with our housekeeping team for 23 years and retired in 2019
Staff Sharon making bed

Sharon Browne

Sharon has been part of our housekeeping team for 14 years
Staff Christmas Staff 2015

Christmas 2015

That's what we call Christmas! Christmas Party with Carimar's most important people
Staff Elicio Watering A

Eliceo Lafontaime Florentino

Eliceo has been part of our landscaping team for 6 years, making sure the garden is always looking lush and green
Staff Cindy

Cindy Williams

Cindy has been with our front office & reservation team for 17 years
Staff Hilda A

Yelmina 'Hilda' Felix

Hilda, taking care of your unit for 20 years, always has a big smile
Staff Kerry

Kerri Smith

Kerri, for 8 years part of our maintenance team
Staff Avon C0019 Moment

Avon Webster

Avon is our longest-serving staff member. For 36 years she has been in charge of our front & back office