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Shopping on Anguilla

Anguilla is known more for its beaches and restaurants than its shopping, and you won’t find the typical duty-free chain stores that populate other islands. However, Anguilla does have local boutiques, art galleries, and beachwear shops that offer unique finds curated by local artists and merchants. You’re guaranteed to find a token to enhance your vacation memories.
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Cheddies Ca

Cheddie's Carving Studio

Master wood-carver Cheddie displays his inspired pieces of art at his studio along the West End's main drag near the turnoff to Meads Bay.
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Arts and Cr

Anguilla Arts and Crafts Centre

Local artists' handicrafts to take home
Explore Anguilla: Irie Life

Irie Life

A must-visit during your Anguilla vacation
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Vinty

Vinty's Veggies

Their veggie box keeps you going for weeks
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Lynne Bernb

Art Galleries

A wide selection of art galleries to discover
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Village Bak

Bakeries and Pastry Shops

A wide selection of local bakeries for a baguette or dessert from our French patisseries
Anguilla Lobster

Local Lobsters & Fish

Get your favorite snapper or lobster directly from the the local fisherman
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Sands and S

Anguilla Sands and Salts

Some of the best local souvenirs
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Grands Vin

Grand Vin de France

Wine from France and around the world delivered to your doorstep
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping J.W

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

You can find nearly everything in our grocery stores. Most of them remain open 7 days a week
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Irie Life 2

Beachwear and more

Find your favorite T-shirts in one of the many Island boutiques
Anguilla Expeiences Shopping Hiberna Gal

Hibernia - more than just a restaurant

Stroll through the art gallery at Hibernia after a lovely lunch or dinner