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Explore Beaches, Cays & Other Islands

Explore some of Anguilla’s more remote beaches, offshore cays, and islands. Go snorkeling in quiet coves and go shelling on uninhabited islands - or enjoy lunch and rum punches on Sandy Island or Prickly Pear. Many of these locations are accessible by regular ferry shuttles, or you can charter a boat to create your own itinerary for exploring. And, of course, most of our lovely beaches are a mere walk, bike ride, or short car excursion away.
Anguilla Experiences Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Enjoy a daytrip by boat to Prickly Pear Island
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Meads Bay

Meads Bay

Home of Carimar - the best beach in the world (for us)
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Sandy Island

Sandy Island

A day for snorkeling and 'around the island' adventures
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Rendezvous B

Rendezvous Bay

A favorite for long walks and the home of Bankie Banks' "Dune Preserve"
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Maundays Bay

Maundays Bay

The home of Cap Juluca
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Little Bay

Little Bay

The secluded snorkel paradise
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Shoal Bay Ea

Shoal Bay East

We call it the second-best beach on Anguilla - Some call it the best
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Cove Bay

Cove Bay

The beach - and nothing else
Anguilla Expeiences Beaches Dog Island

Dog Island

Charter a boat and enjoy some private time on your own little island