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Anguilla Beaches

The beach offers something for everyone, whether you want to lounge with a good book all day or “feel the burn” of a day filled with activity, starting with a morning run and ending with a sunset yoga class. Either way, it soothes the soul.
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Beach walking

Walk along 1 1/2 miles of pristine Meads Bay
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Meet on the beach to enjoy some of the best sunsets ever
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Enjoy the best of the Caribbean Sea
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Complimentary snorkeling equipment for Carimar's guests
Beach Paddle Boards

Water Sports

Carimar offers paddle boards and kayaks for its guests
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Beach Restaurants & Bars

Choose among more than 8 beach restaurants and bars along Meads Bay
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Fishing from shore

If you forgot your fishing gear, Carimar has a selection of fishing rods to borrow from.
Beach Yoga with Sammi Green

Beach Yoga

No need to go anywhere - Carimar can book your private beach yoga class
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Boat Races

Anguilla's National sport on August Thursday right on Meads Bay