Anguilla Music and Nightlife

Anguilla Music and Nightlife

Anguilla has a thriving live music and nightlife scene with an incredible amount of both local and international talent. Visitors to the island love listening to their favorite band while enjoying fine dining or relaxing on the beach. Favorites include Sproka, The Musical Brothers, British Dependency, Omari Banks, and Bankie Banx…just to name a few.

Some of Anguilla’s favorite nightlife and music spots include:

  1. The Dune Preserve:

Voted by CNN as the #1 beach bar in the world, “this meandering beachside treehouse features a driftwood bar, casual lunch and dinner, and live music. Every year, on the first full moon in March, The Dune Preserve hosts the world-famous Moon Splash Music Festival featuring Bankie Banx and other reggae stars.”

  1. Elvis’ Beach Bar:

Located on Sandy Ground, Elvis’ Beach Bar features a DJ and dance floor and a huge outdoor TV screen to watch sporting events.

  1. The Pumphouse:

The Pumphouse features great pub food, one of the best bars on Anguilla, and live music.

  1. Four Season’s Sunset Lounge

For those who like the sport of beautiful-people-watching or those who like to be seen, Four Season’s Sunset Lounge is the place to be. Enjoy the incredible sunset poolside while you enjoy hors d’oeuvres, sushi, tapas, and cocktails.

2017 In-Season Entertainment (Music)

Sunshine Shack
Straw Hat
Spice Cap Juluca
Scilly Cay
Pump House
Palm Grove
Ferryboat Inn
Dune Preserve
DaVida Bayside
Dad's Bar & Grill
Blue Cap Juluca
Veya - Meze12th AvenueSaturday7:30pm until
Veya - Meze12th AvenueTuesday 7;30pm - 9:30pm
Sunset Lounge - Four Seasons12th AvenueSunday7pm until
SandBar12th Avenue & JetThursday7pm until
Veya - MezeAIMFriday7:30pm until
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsAIMMonday7pm until
Roy'sAIMSaturday7pm until
Veya - MezeAsher BrooksWednesday7:30pm until
Breezes @ The ReefBoss & The Horse BandSunday 5pm to 8pm
MadaerimanDarvin MussingtonSunday7:30pm until
Waves at Meads BayDecent OnesFriday6pm until
Elvis' Beach BarDJ KueSaturday9pm until
Elvis' Beach BarDJ KueFriday9pm until
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsDJ SugarThursday8pm until
Elvis' Beach BarDJ SugarWednesday9pm until
Sharpy's Shake ShackKaraokeSaturday9 pm until
MadearimanKaraokeFriday8pm until
Sunshine ShackLive Music Sunday 1pm - 4pm
MadearimanLive MusicSaturday1pm until
MadearimanMr. DecentWednesday7:30 pm until
The PlaceMusical BrothersSaturday1:00-4:00pm
Elvis' Beach BarMusical BrothersThursday9:30pm until
Waves at Meads BayMystic VybzWednesday5pm - 7pm
Ocean EchoMystic VybzSunday1:30pm until
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsOmalie 360Saturday8pm until
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsOmalie 360Friday8pm until
CuisinartOmalie 360Tuesday7pm to 10pm
Bamboo Bar - Four SeasonsOmalie 360Sunday11am - 4pm
Veya - MezeOmari BanksMonday7:30pm until
Ocean EchoOmari BanksWednesday7pm - 9:30pm
Gwen's Reggae GrillScratch BandSunday1pm until
CuisinartShea Shea & KevinThursday7pm to 10pm
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsShea Shea & KevinWednesday7pm until
Sunset Lounge - Four SeasonsShea Shea & KevinSunday7pm until
Dolce VitaSprockaFriday8pm until
Veya - MezeSprokaThursday7:30pm - 9:30pm
Gwen's Reggae GrillTap Webster - Acoustic GuitarThursday1pm until

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