The History of Carimar Beach Club in Anguilla

The history of Carimar Beach Club in Anguilla is an interesting story.  Carimar is among the best of all Anguilla hotels and competes for the #1 hotel in Anguilla on Trip Advisor.  It is a world-renowned Caribbean beachfront hotel in Anguilla, British West Indies. Carimar offers spacious 1100 square foot one and two bedroom villa suites with a fully equipped granite counter kitchen, living room, and dining room and is located directly on Mead’s Bay Beach – one of the best beaches in the world.

Carimar was named one of the Most Awesome Affordable Beachfront Hotels Under $200 in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel + Life and the #1 Family Friendly Hotel on Anguilla by Trip Advisor.  Anguilla-Beaches rates Carimar Beach Club a 5 out of 5 and names Carimar as the best value Anguilla hotel.   “Known for delivering pure relaxation and serenity, Carimar Beach Club is one of a kind.  It’s no wonder Carimar Beach Club is a favorite for long-term Anguilla lovers and first-time visitors alike.  Carimar is a true Anguillan landmark. It competes for #1 at TripAdvisor against hotels that cost several times more!  This oft-overlooked gem, known to a fierce and loyal following, sits on magnificent Meads Bay.  Spacious units, right on majestic Meads Bay’s sandy shores, just steps from some of Anguilla’s tastiest eateries.

Carimar was built shortly after Malliouhana in 1985, making these two of the original Anguilla hotels and resorts.  And Carimar has kept up with its mission, providing high-value accommodations on a beach that blends perfect white sand, rolling waves, and some of the islands top restaurants.”

Carimar Beach Club began as a birthday wish of author Francine Jacobs who was so impressed by the magnificence of Mead’s Bay on Anguilla, that she dreamed of having her own place to stay there. That was in May 1982.  For the next several years, her husband, Dr. Jerry Jacobs, teamed up with Dr. Donald Corwin and builder McEllis Brooks to make that dream a reality.

Mark Allen Hoffberger quoted “I remember when Carimar was a mere floor plan and a dream being sold by two people on a card table on the beach (Francine Jacobs and Dottie Corwin) in front of the property! Malliouhana was then two villas on the beach!”

Carimar Beach Club opened in December of 1985. A gracious staff under the direction of our resident general manager has provided guests, many of whom return year after year, a “home away from home”.

Come see why Carimar Beach Club is consistently rated as one of the best of all Anguilla hotels by Trip Advisor, Expedia, and If you like the beach, you’ll LOVE Carimar.

Meads Bay Beach Anguilla before Carimar Were Built

Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla before Malliouhana and Carimar Beach Club Were Built

Fran Jacobs and Duncan Stott - Carimar

Construction of Carimar began in October 1984.  Architectural and engineering designs were done by Duncan Stott and Kenneth Banks respectively and a skilled and capable Anguillan work crew built the project.

Carimar construction in mid 1980s

Carimar construction with Dr. Jacobs


Carimar construction with McEllis Brooks and Dr. Corwin