9 Fabulous Resorts To Experience In Anguilla

Tuesday, 12 July 2022
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by: Jeanine Consoli      

Anguilla is an overseas British Territory in the eastern Caribbean Sea. This tiny country, a total of 36 square miles, has some of the most incredible stretches of pristine sand in the Caribbean. Its 33 beaches dot the 16-mile-long and 3-mile-wide (at its widest) coast. The sun, pure white sand, and turquoise blue water (hovering around 70 degrees) are the hallmarks of this lovely place and are found at each property on this list — but that’s the only similarity. The resorts range from affordable to luxurious and all are steps from the glorious sea.

This stunning coral land mass is part of the Leeward chain about 7 miles north of St. Martin and is considered one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. You can fly into Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Martin and reach Anguilla by ferry in about 30 minutes or by a short hopper flight in 10 minutes. You can also fly directly from Miami on American Airlines to Clayton J. Lloyd Airport.

The following properties are some of Anguilla’s best for incredible stays on this breathtaking island.

Carimar Beach Club is also on Meads Bay and is also very laid back. This all-villa property has 36 years of history and is “dedicated to creating a personalized vacation experience for guests.” It started in October 1984 as a birthday present for author Francine Jacobs. She wanted a special place to visit on her beloved island.

By December 1985, it became the first condominium residence in Anguilla with 24 spacious villas and a vacation spot for owners and visitors. It is consistently rated highly, offers great value, and is dedicated to sustainability to preserve the beauty of Anguilla.
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