Luminous Anguilla Seas & Carimar Beach Club

Friday, 15 June 2018 pillows
Where to, Peanut ~ Finding the Perfect Corners of the World ~ June 2018

“I booked my stay at Carimar Beach Club just two weeks before Hurricane Irma struck Anguilla as a Category 5.  It was radio silence for nearly a month post-Irma.  A small country, Anguilla did not make the news at all.  Without power and internet to the island, social media was blacked out as well. Then, in early October, “We are currently housing the United Nations,” was the first line in an email from Carimar.  The trip was on, to a country where at least our hotel was still standing.

We arrived at Carimar Beach Club right at sunset, after we puttered our adorably small rental car across the island, reggae riffing through the stereo.  Carimar is an all-suite style property that allows guests to feel right at home with a full kitchen and living room in every room.  Styled in colorful and tropical motifs, the mood in our villa was bright and inviting.  The spacious interior gave way to a large balcony overlooking the sand and sea of Mead’s Bay (which ended up being the setting for most of our meals on the island).  It was not until we woke up the first morning that I could truly appreciate how special the beaches of Anguilla are.  It is no use describing them: the photos are worth a thousand words.  I stepped out onto our gorgeous oceanfront balcony and stood in awe at the bluest waters I have seen to date.”
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