My Five Perfect Beach Destinations

Tuesday, 05 August 2014 sparkle
MEDIANDERBLOG article by Kathleen S. Boodoo:

The perfect beach: Is there such a thing? I think it’s something different for everyone. For me it means soft, powdery sand and clear, calm ocean—and oftentimes delicious food right nearby. I’ve been lucky to find my idea of perfection at several different places around the world. What follows are my top five. Remember, summer may be almost over, but the beach is forever! Plan your getaway now—or at least enjoy the photos.

My favorite beach is Meads Bay on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Not only does it have soft white sand and the clearest—and cleanest—ocean I’ve ever seen, it also features a variety of restaurants along the beach. Their prices vary, for those on a budget to those on not so much of one. Try lobster on the beach at Jacala. Also a benefit: At the resort where I stayed, the Carimar Beach Club, each beach chair comes with its own umbrella. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the beach but don’t want to be directly in the sun. Meads Bay wasn’t crowded when I was there, making it feel like my own private getaway. Bonus tip: Anguilla is easily accessible by a quick, affordable ferry ride from St. Maarten (a.k.a. St. Martin)—see two gorgeous islands in one trip!
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