Carimar Beach Club – Anguilla Villas in the Natural Luxury of Meads Bay

Carimar Beach Club is among the best of all Anguilla hotels.  It is a world-renowned Caribbean beachfront hotel in Anguilla, British West Indies. Carimar is set upon the natural luxury of Meads Bay Beach – a prime location for a special Caribbean resort and a relaxing beachfront Anguilla hotel (see map of Anguilla). Carimar offers spacious 1100 square foot one and two bedroom villa suites with a fully equipped granite counter kitchen, living room, and dining room and is located directly on Mead’s Bay Beach – one of the best beaches in the world.

Carimar was named one of the Most Awesome Affordable Beachfront Hotels Under $200 in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel + Life.   Trip Advisor also rates Carimar Beach Club as the #1 Family Friendly Hotel on Anguilla and it competes for the #1 Hotel on Anguilla in Trip Advisor.

Anguilla-Beaches rates Carimar Beach Club a 5 out of 5 and names Carimar as the best value Anguilla hotel.   “Known for delivering pure relaxation and serenity, Carimar Beach Club is one of a kind.  It’s no wonder Carimar Beach Club is a favorite for long-term Anguilla lovers and first-time visitors alike.  Carimar is a true Anguillan landmark. It competes for #1 at TripAdvisor against hotels that cost several times more!  This oft-overlooked gem, known to a fierce and loyal following, sits on magnificent Meads Bay.  Spacious units, right on majestic Meads Bay’s sandy shores, just steps from some of Anguilla’s tastiest eateries.

Anguilla is an idyllic island in the British West Indies whose beaches are consistently voted the best in the world. The people of Anguilla are some of the friendliest in the entire Caribbean and the island boasts several world renowned 5-star restaurants. Even though Anguilla is one of the more relaxed islands of the Caribbean, it has become known for the most luxurious villas, hotels and resorts and is a favorite of Hollywood celebrities and the rich and famous.

Carimar Beach Club began as a birthday wish of author Francine Jacobs who was so impressed by the magnificence of Meads Bay on Anguilla, that she dreamed of having a place to stay there. That was in May 1982.  For the next several years her husband, Dr. Jerry Jacobs, teamed up with Dr. Donald Corwin and builder, McEllis Brooks, to make that dream a reality.

Construction of Carimar began in October 1984. Architectural and engineering designs were done by Duncan Stott and Kenneth Banks respectively and a skilled and capable Anguillan work crew built the project.

Carimar Beach Club opened in December 1985. A gracious staff, under the direction of our resident general manager Rolf Masshardt, has provided guests, many of whom return year after year, a “home away from home”. Carimar Beach Club is consistently ranked at the top of major hotel and resort reviews including Trip Advisor.

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Visit the Carimar blog for some great historical photographs of Carimar under construction in the mid 1980’s.


Q:  Is Carimar a hotel or a condo?
A:  Carimar is a hotel with the “feel” of a condo. We are lucky that we can offer our guests large “Home Away From Home” accommodations with 1100 square feet of living space, a large living room, a dining room that accommodates six persons, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lanai or balcony, and free wireless internet and flat screen TV.  Carimar is a hotel and is not a time-share, nor is it available through VRBO, or any other vacation rental companies except AirBNB. You can reserve your space directly through the front desk reservations at 866-270-3764 or through your local travel agent.

Q: Does Carimar have a swimming pool?
A: Carimar does not have a swimming pool on site, however, the water in front of Carimar looks like the biggest swimming pool in the world. In addition, we have a swimming pool sharing agreement with a hotel close-by. Their guests use our tennis courts and our guests can use their swimming pool.

Q: Does Carimar have a restaurant?
A: Carimar does not have a restaurant on-site, however, the best value beach bar is right next door – Blanchard’s Beach Shack. In addition, we have several five-star restaurants next door or within walking distance on the beach – Blanchard’s Restaurant is directly next to Carimar and Jacala and Straw Hat are steps down the beach. The newly re-opened restaurant at Malliouhana is right next door on the east side of Carimar.  Every Carimar villa has a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, glassware, silverware, appliances, full refrigerator, range, microwave, blender, etc. to make as many meals in-house as you want.  The dining room accommodates six people – perfect for families with young children.

Q: Are there any other budget restaurants nearby?
A: There are several budget restaurants close to Carimar.  One is the aforementioned Blanchard’s Beach Shack. B&D’s BBQ is a favorite within walking distance up the road, and Ocean Echo is down the beach to the west.  See our blog “Cheap Eats on Anguilla – You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Enjoy and Great Meal on Anguilla”

Q: Does Carimar have air conditioning?
A: Carimar does have air conditioning in every bedroom and ceiling fans in every room.  Most of our guests have commented that they do not use air conditioning during the day as the trade winds blow beautiful cooling breezes through every villa.  Our guests prefer opening up the sliders and windows to take advantage of these breezes and prefer not to shut themselves inside. Anguilla’s average temperature is 80F. Northeastern trade winds keep the island relatively cool and dry..  In the summer months, as with any destination near the equator, there can be a sultry day, so take advantage of the “biggest swimming pool in the world” right at your feet.

Q: Does Carimar have on-site water sports?
A:  Carimar does not have a contracted water sports company on-site, however, right next door there is a water sports outpost where you want rent many types of water sports equipment.  In addition, Carimar gives our guests free use of snorkel equipment and our “Carimar Caring” Concierge will gladly procure water sport services for you – including boat charters, sailing cruises, diving trips, stand-up paddle boarding, kite surfing, water skiing, tubing, etc

Q: Does Carimar offer tennis?
A: Carimar has two championship tennis courts on-site with free equipment to use.

Q: Is there grocery shopping nearby?
A: Best Buy opened a large grocery store right up the road within walking distance.

Q: Is the water rough or calm?
A: The water in front of Carimar is very calm – see the photo above.  However, like every Caribbean island, there are occasional storms out at sea that can churn up some waves on the island. On rare days when the red flag is up, the beaches on the south side of the island tend to be calm. This works both ways – when the south side of the island is rough, Carimar is usually calm.