Carimar Guest Testimonials

Great service and hospitality does not just happen overnight.  It requires a high level of dedication to accommodate our guests’ needs and exceed their expectations.

The following are unsolicited comments taken from our guest books.  We are honored to share them with you:

I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful, relaxing vacation. My vacation to Anguilla and Carimar was my first trip outside of the United States, and I definitely made the right choice. The hospitality of the people and your staff was top notch. Thank you for allowing me to rent a car directly at the resort instead of having to go to a rental agency. The Anguillan people, food, and places were beyond my expectations, and your beaches and ocean are truly some of the best in the world. Thank you for everything … you have made this summer a memorable one for me.

Kenneth Gerdes

It has been our pleasure to be part of the Carimar experience for the last TEN years! When we first read about this island in the Caribbean called Anguilla from the travel section of our Sunday paper, it sounded to be a unique and beautiful vacation spot to explore. After reviewing several options for our accommodations, we decided on the Carimar Beach Club. What a great choice!

As we flew in over the island we observed many beautiful beaches with clear aqua water and white sand. Upon our arrival at Carimar we were warmly greeted by the staff and escorted to our beachfront unit. Carimar exceeded our expectations in 2002 and it has continued to do so each year! We refer to Anguilla as “our little island” and we now refer to Carimar as “our home away from home.” Thank you, Carimar and thank you, Anguillans for sharing so much with us. We hope to continue creating more memories with you for years to come.

In rephrasing Carimar’s motto, “we do like the beach, and we do love Carimar.”

Hank & Vivian Ferry
Rhode Island, USA

Hi Everyone:
I just wanted to Thank You for a wonderful 2 weeks in Anguilla.

We had a great, relaxing time at beautiful Carimar. We always look forward to our time with you and it was wonderful!

Everyone is so nice and we just love being there. We are already looking forward to next year. Thanks so much !!!
See you soon I hope!”

Susan di Bonaventure & Clint Luby

Dear Friends:
We want to thank you for another wonderful vacation at the beautiful Carimar Beach Club. As always, the time went by too quickly. It seems that no matter how long we stay it is never enough! It has truly become a home away from home for our family. We always look forward to our arrival because we know we will receive a warm and friendly welcome from the entire staff. We have come to think of you all as a part of our family.

Patrick and I cannot believe we have been coming to Carimar for more than 10 years! Every year we comment on how beautifully the property and accommodations are maintained. The staff works tirelessly to make sure that everything is in perfect order for our stay. We are amazed at the constant attention to detail.

It is always great to visit with the friends we have made over the years and each year we make a few more! This year our children held an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden courtyard with two new friends they met at Carimar. It is truly a special experience for our children. Every visit is exciting, fun and educational.

Patrick and I travel a lot and we can honestly say that our vacation at Carimar is by far the best. We always arrive home feeling happy, rested and relaxed. And, of course, we immediately begin to make plans for our next visit!

Thank you again. We miss you and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Best regards,
The Guarino Family

A Short Italian Story:
Laura and I came to Anguilla the first time about 15 years ago. We knew nothing about this wonderful island but after a week in this unique paradise we were so carried away and in love that … guess what we married on the beach!!!!!

Since then the two of us started coming back once and even twice per year! Then we were three: Anna our wonderful daughter came to life, and then we were four: Giacomo, our son joined us! He started coming to Anguilla when he was just a few months old!

The first years we used to change accommodations on the island quite often, looking for new experiences, almost a new vacation each time. Then we met Carimar, and that was it: Our Place!!!

We’ve been back countless times and of each one we savoir a special memory. The everyday ones with the beauty of the beach and the warmth of its sea; the very special ones like sea turtles laying eggs or the hatch of the same ones!

In all these years we can state that our kids grew up at Carimar, Anna now is 12, Giacomo is 10, in their minds and hearts nothing is more vacation than Meads Bay and its Carimar, the feel safe, free and at home.

Pietro, Laura, Anna, Giacomo

I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Anguilla was my first trip outside of the United States, and I definitely made the right choice. The hospitality of the people and your staff was top notch. Thank you for allowing me to rent a car directly at the resort instead of having to go to a rental agency. The Anguillian people, food and places were beyond by expectations, and your beaches and ocean are truly some of the best in the world. Thank you for everything … you have made this summer a memorable one for me.

Kenneth Gerdes

We enjoy coming to Anguilla because of the beaches, great restaurants and the warm friendly people on the island.

We keep returning to the Carimar because of its intimate size and its location on beautiful Meads Bay. But the most important reason is the staff at the Carimar. Always a warm greeting and great service. This is why the Carimar is our “home away from home”.

Fred & Janet Wraye

Our visit to Carimar Beach Club in November 2010 was just as perfect as all the other visits. We have been coming to Anguilla since 1986. We have even enjoyed coming twice some years. We started staying at Carimar in 1995. We had found our home in Anguilla. The setting of Carimar far surpasses other hotels in Anguilla and in other islands in the Caribbean. Meads Bay is absolutely the most beautiful beach of all the islands we have visited.

Carimar Beach Club staff is very friendly and efficient. We enjoy seeing everyone each visit. Our anticipation of visiting increases each visit and we are never disappointed. Total relaxation sets in as soon as we walk out on to the balcony of the beachfront units and get the view of the white sand and Chrystal blue water. Bob’s first question is always, “where are my swim trunks?” I’ve learned to pack them on the top and within 15 minutes of arriving, he is in the water. He has even used a dive light to take a swim at night if we arrive later. We always request the beachfront units and feel that you always come through for us. Each visit continues to be better than the previous one.

Thank you for the Customer Appreciation Plaque, the dinner for two and the free nights on our future trip. We visited Smokey’s on our way to the airport and had a most delightful lunch with super service and conversation. That was a perfect way to end our visit. But as always, we did not want to leave and can’t wait to get back to Carimar and our friends there.

Bob and Carolyn Sherman

Patty and I wanted to thank all of you for helping make our 20th anniversary trip to Carimar and Anguilla so special. Even after coming to Carimar for 20+ years, each stay (and Carimar itself) keeps getting better and better. Thank you for helping us have our entire week in a beachfront unit – it means a lot to us!! We a really appreciate all of the help, hospitality and everything that you do to help make our stay special.

Again, thank you for such a special 20th anniversary trip to Carimar. Carimar (and its staff) is a very special place to us and the ability to look out at that beautiful water and walk right to the beach is an unique experience.

Take Care,
Todd & Patty Hagen

“My husband and I have recently returned from a 2 week stay at Carimar–our first time ever to Anguilla and our experience could not have been better. We would like to commend you and your staff for a job well done. You now have two new repeat customers!!”

Beverly and Terry Dowling

“Thank you for making such a perfect birthday week for me and for David. Not only the beautiful and thoughtful card, but all your cheerful greetings and helpful information. We love this place our home away from home, but it is really all of you who make it so very special and keeps us coming back year after year.

You are very special people and we are blessed to be a part of the Carimar family.”

Joan Wise

“After years of going to St. Martin with its crowds and traffic, we decided to try something new. We found Anguilla using our criteria of great beaches and first-class restaurants ending up at Carimar, mostly by luck. We just didn’t know how lucky we were. That was ten January visits ago and we have never looked back.

Carimar captures the essence of Anguilla. It is a once private, quiet, friendly and intensely comfortable. When we arrive, we feel as though we have come home. And, it did not take ten years to produce this feeling. The accommodations are spacious and airy with the feeling of a home, not of a hotel room. The staff is wonderful and always helpful. The grounds are, for a desert island, rather extraordinary, and always well cared for.

And of course, there is Meads Bay beach for which there are no words. It offers nearly a mile of perfect white sand where a round-trip walk on a a very busy day might pass all of 50 other lucky people. All of Carimar’s virtues are important. This one is priceless!”

Jeff Randall

“Start with equal portions of sun, sea and sand. Then add a sprinkling of serenity and a generous pinch of beautiful garden flowers. Top this off with a superlative, friendly staff. What have you got? The recipe for Carimar Beach Club! Anguilla is our favorite Caribbean island and Carimar is our favorite place to stay. We’ve already booked our reservations for next April. Looking forward to our annual escape to Carimar Beach Club helps get us through the long cold months of our northern winter! We feel quite fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to return to again and again. Many thanks to all of you at Carimar and we’ll see you next year!”

Robin & Everett Pollard
Sunapee, New Hampshire

Ten years ago, exhausted and stressed by demanding professions, we longed for a vacation place that provided rest and leisure of a very particular type.

We wanted a beautiful setting with a pristine, uncrowded beach; gracious, comfortable accommodations; personnel who were highly efficient and yet warm-hearted; and a variety of restaurants, ranging from small places that served delicious local fare prepared with pride to sophisticated establishments which offered a more varied cuisine.

We also knew what we did not want: a hectic vacation locale which drew people who wanted, above all, to shop, to gamble, and to party. We wanted to replenish our spirits and rejuvenate our tired bodies. When we described these desires to a fine travel agent, she said, “I know just the place – Anguilla.”

After some serious research into the many fine hotels on this small caribbean island, we made decision that would change our lives for the next ten years. We chose the Carimar Beach Club. This gracious establishment exceeded our fondest expectations. During the past ten trips to Anguilla, we have visited numerous other hotels and admired what they offer. Yet we have had no desire to stay at any of them. We are completely happy at the Carimar.

The Carimar is situated on what we believe to be one of the finest beaches in the world. But it is not only the glorious beach on Meads Bay or the spectacular tropical gardens at the Carimar or even our wonderfully comfortable rooms which bring us back to the Carimar year after year. It is also the staff – friendly, professional, gracious, and utterly consistent in attention to the details which have made the Carimar seem like a second home. True, it is a home in which we spend only two weeks a ear, but it is also one which we anticipate with delight the remaining fifty weeks.

New York, our other home, has many pleasures – indeed a wealth of culture and excitements, as does Europe and the world at large. But for the rejuvenation of body and spirit, we return always to the Carimar Beach Club. We hope to do so annually for at least another ten years.

Joyce Lemonedes

When we first visited Anguilla (pre-internet), we took a chance on an unknown property from a magazine advertisement – Carimar beach club on Mead’s Bay. We soon realized that we made a terrific decision. The location was fabulous, directly on a beautiful beach. The unit was very comfortable, tastefully decorated and equipped with everything we might need during our stay. And the staff was wonderful. Everyone was friendly, helpful and eager to offer advice on island attractions, restaurants and activities.

We soon returned for another vacation at Carimar and then yet again. As we passed through immigration one year, the officer asked if this was our first visit to the island. We remarked that we had vacationed several previous years on Anguilla. The officer told us, “Welcome home” and it struck us that was exactly what Anguilla and, more specifically, what Carimar Beach Club had become – our second “home”.

We’ve now spent 11 years at Carimar we truly cherish it as our Anguillan home on the beach.

We’re always greeted warmly with a smile at the start of every day and everyone makes every effort to ensure that our vacations are perfect. Carimar Beach Club is truly the best!

Cathy and Greg
Connecticut, U.S.