Ten Year Awardees – Frequent Guest Rewards

Carimar Beach Club’s preferred guest rewards are just that – rewards.  Both the Carimar and Meads Bay Beach reviews are tops on Anguilla and this keeps our clientele returning year after year. The patronage and confidence of more than 75 families over the past 28 years is the highest form of praise and a hotelier’s dream come true. Recognition is given on the tenth stay by an “HONOURED GUEST AWARD” plaque and five complimentary nights in a beach view accommodation (restrictions apply).

In 1988 we first discovered Anguilla, and fell in love with the island, its people, its beaches and its wonderful restaurants. We visited many times before we first stayed at Carimar in 2002, and then we never looked back.

We skipped a few years when we took extended winter cruises, but always missed our relaxed beach time and wonderful friends at Carimar. We include the staff among those friends, always enjoying their warm welcome back, their sense of humor and memories of simpler times on the island.

We look forward to many more visits in the years to come!

Bob and Betty
Toronto, Canada

This is a belated warm “thank you” for our surprise special lunch at Tasty’s and our gift of five complimentary nights at one of our favorite places in the whole world! It made the last day of our stay this year an especially memorable one. Please convey our thanks to Fred as well…

We’d been to a number of other places in the Caribbean before we discovered Anguilla, and had enjoyed our stay on all of them. However, since we first vacationed on Anguilla in 1989, we’ve never gone anywhere else. Our first two stays were not at the Carimar (we didn’t even know it existed then); but after our first stay there, we’ve returned every January since. And each year we’ve increased the length of our stay by a day or two. Obviously, others feel the same way. Anguilla seems to attract more repeat visitors than any other place we know. The only thing we’re worried about is that after we come back “off season.” We’ll have to do it twice every year! It’s addictive!

Why do we keep coming back? First, because there’s no place we go where we relax so completely as soon as the plane touches down. There’s nothing we have to do, and yet the days fly by. We have time to do all the things we don’t have time enough to do at home, and come home each year happy that we’ve had time to read some good books we’d brought with us. And we love having the New York Times digest each morning; it’s just enough to keep up with the world events.

Anguilla has many beautiful beaches, but we think Meads Bay is the best of all. No beach that we’ve seen – even in Hawaii or Bali – can beat it. It’s almost mile long expanse of powered sugar sand and crystal clear water of such an extraordinary shade of blue is an image that we’ve recalled many times when we’re away, especially when we have snow and the temperature is in the teens.

And to be able to walk that beautiful stretch of beach and see just a few other lucky people is a special treat! We love being able to put on the coffee pot and take a walk down the beach, and then return to sit on our porch and eat breakfast with that beautiful vista in front of us.

We enjoy our dinners “out” as much as we do our breakfast at home. There’s a place to suit the mood of the day from “very casual” to “casually elegant.” Our favorites are the ones where we can still keep our eyes on the water. We’ve loved taking your suggestions for the new spots that are typically Anguillan, and we’ll do that even more in the future. We’ve never had snapper any fresher that we’ve had it in Anguilla.

People are important, too. We look forward to meeting friends who also come back at the same time each year. And when family members visit us, we have great times together. An important added bonus is the friendly spirit that pervades the island, and all of you at the Carimar are the best of the best! Don’t change for we hope to come back again and again!

With our best wishes to all of you,
Gordon and Helen Smith

Dear Fred and all the Staff at Carimar:

The Adzima Family, (Richard, Eleanor, Gary and Carole) want to take a moment of your time to thank you – thank you for our 10-year “Honored Guest” Award plaque that was presented to us at the Owner’s Cocktail Party on March 5th along with the 5 complimentary nights. What a pleasant surprise! We just can’t believe that more than 10 years have gone by since we first saw our beloved Carimar.

Eleven years ago, Gary and Carole decided to come back to Anguilla (we had previously been here for a one-day trip while staying in Saint Maarten). Our travel agent had already made reservations at another property on the Island when we were fortunate to convince Dick and Ellie to come with us to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary. We called our travel agent. The property where we had reservations was unable to accommodate us. How lucky can you get!! We maybe would never have discovered Carimar Beach Club. Prior to 1993 we visited a different island each year – but at Carimar we found our “home away from home – our Paradise”.

Never before did we meet such wonderful people – the staff (Fred, Heather, Avon, all of the Gardeners and those in Housekeeping). They have always been kind and considerate. There has never been a time that they have not gone the extra mile to accommodate a request! Of course, we cannot forget all of the other cherished friendships that we have developed over the years with the owners and other repeat guests. Anguilla should be called “The Peaceful, Friendly Island”.

The villas are inviting, spacious, with fully equipped kitchens, and all of the 24 units have a close proximity to the water at Meads Bay, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The units and grounds are well cared for by the staff – Indeed, when one wakes up in the morning and says, “Good Morning”, you might wonder, how could it not be a good morning when we’ve found Utopia.

We were so thrilled with the 5 complimentary nights that were included with our “Honored Guest” Award Plaque, we decided to return to Carimar for Carnival in August, 2003 with 21 members of the Adzima Family (the largest group assemblage, we understand). We are looking forward to showing off Carimar Beach Club to the whole Adzima clan. We’ll be taking lots of pictures so that we can be included in the “Group Event” section of the Carimar website. Looking forward to August and many more vacations at Carimar Beach Club.

Again, our sincerest thank you. Have a wonderful, successful, healthy year!

The Adzimas
Gary, Carole, Richard and Eleanor

Paradise! In three words Carimar Beach Club!

Rand and I were looking for the perfect place in the Caribbean, I’m a real beach person and he is so accommodating. We had been to several islands, but just hadn’t found our niche, so, we bought a book, (Rand’s favourite thing to do) pointed a finger and landed on Anguilla – where is Anguilla – where is that?! Well, we were about to find out. A description in the book about one of the Villas kept calling, “Trisha, you need to come here.” So, we did, that was in 1992, wow! Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s not only one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, but Rand and I feel truly at home at Carimar. The deep blue-green waters of the sea on Mead’s Bay rolling waves totally relax you from the first moment you arrive, and will lull you to sleep at night. The pure white sand that your feet just seems to melt in, lets you know you are home again. Paradise!

Rand and I can’t say enough about the entire Staff that takes care of you at Carimar. They take great pride in everything they do and it certainly shows.

Heather, what a joy, you have been such a pleasure to work with. Recommending great Restaurants-we’ve never eaten better and so willing to make our reservations always with your beautiful smile no matter how busy you are.

And of course Avon, what a jewel, you are so accommodating and kind. No request, whether it be making a dinner reservation or obtaining a rental car for us is ever a problem. Thank You.

The ladies that clean your Villa are absolutely incredible. You can find out quite a bit about local life if you just take the time to listen – it’s well worth it. Thank you Roceta, Rose and everyone else that have made our trips so enjoyable.

What a great job you all do!

And of course last but certainly not least are all the guys that help make your stay absolutely perfect. They manicure the beautiful lawns, put out the beach chairs and umbrellas so you don’t have to carry your luggage to and from your Villa, and always greet you with a warm and friendly “Good Morning.” Thanks guys, you are great!

Fred, you are just the best! You can tell how much Anguilla, Carimar and your Staff means to you, but most of all we can tell how important the comfort and enjoyment of all your guest is to you. No wonder you are Manager of the Year. Carimar reflects you.

So what can I tell you about Anguilla and Carimar Beach Club that will make you love it as much as Rand and I do? I’m still not sure. We have been here ten (10) times and have made our reservations to return. This is a place we want to share with you and we hope you will love it too.

Trisha Frederiksen

Carimar, the best value on the Island.

We keep coming back to Anguilla because of its serenity, its beautiful beaches, its good restaurants and its friendly and welcoming people. And we keep returning to Carimar Beach Club because Meads Bay is spectacular, the individual condos and the property are well maintained and the staff members are extremely accommodating. We could ramble on and on about how much we enjoy our trips to Anguilla, but the fact that we have been back to Carimar twice a year since we discovered it in 1996 (including living through Hurricane Lenny) speaks for itself. We can’t think of any place else we would rather go to unwind.

Don & Carrie Harless

We dream of Anguilla.

We have been coming to Anguilla since 1989, having visited almost every other Caribbean island. We fell in love with the island and the people of Anguilla. It was probably 1992 that we first stayed at Carimar Beach Club and we’ve been coming back ever since. The villas are spacious, overlooking the sea. At night we sometimes dine on our balcony under the stars. Staying at Carimar is truly relaxing. We also look forward to seeing Fred, Avon, Heather and all the staff who all look after us while we are here.

We dream of Anguilla while we are at home and look forward to returning each year.

Alice & Art Keefe

Anguilla refreshes our spirit.

We’ve had the opportunity to visit and vacation at many locations in the U.S. and abroad. We keep on returning to Anguilla each year because we find that we can refresh our spirit here like no other place in the world. Anguilla has a combination of natural beauty, lovely people, and predictably perfect weather that can’t be beat. Carimar builds on that wonderful foundation by providing great service and simply charming accommodations at a reasonable price. We’ve enjoyed the last ten years and we are looking forward to the next ten.

Bill & Judy Starr

Vacations made in heaven.

After many years of searching for our island Paradise, We came upon Anguilla and we said now this is nice, Our travel agent told us Carimar Beach Club is the best, So we came here once-we came here twice and you know the rest. Anguilla just has everything, great food and sun and sand, But it’s you wonderful people who really make this land! We thank you Carimar for the memories of vacations made in heaven, And when we return next winter, it will be our year ELEVEN.

Linda And Seymour Salett – 2000

To Our Friends at Carimar,

We would like to thank management for the attractive plaque given to us to celebrate our many wonderful stays at Carimar Beach Club.

We would like to thank all of you for the kindness and consideration you’ve always given us – afraid to mention any names because we might forget someone and each and everyone is special.

Our best wishes for a successful year and looking forward to our next visit.

With Affection, Kay & Joe 6/16/2000

To All At Carimar Beach Club

Dear Friends,

Once again we had a very enjoyable stay at Carimar Beach Club. We want to thank one and all for making it so. We are convinced we enjoy the nicest accommodations, the friendliest staff, the best house keeping and loveliest beach. Also thanks to the men who set up the beach chairs, they always see that we have two straight back chairs, for our husbands who have bad backs.

We would especially like to thank you this year for the lovely plaque received for our tenth visit and of course the five free nights. We are touched by this gesture.

Looking forward to many more visits to our favourite island and staying at Carimar Beach Club.

Sincerely, Lorraine & Joe 6/18/2000

Our home away from home.

We can’t say enough how pleased we were to receive the Honourable Guest Plaque. Not only are we very grateful, but we were also very surprised. We began coming to Carimar Beach Club when only one unit was complete and have been returning ever since. We cherish the friendships we have made with our “family” away from home and we most appreciate always made to feel so welcome at Carimar. There isn’t anything all of you can’t do. Being in the travel business allows us to see all parts of the world. We do return to some – but not like Anguilla and Carimar. Having been through the Caribbean, we have a choice when it comes to our vacation dollar and we always spend it with you. We want to thank you all again, and look forward to our next trip to Anguilla.

John & Janis Hansen

Dear Friends at Carimar,

What a surprise and delight to receive a plaque and a speech from Fred, not to mention lunch and five days free stay at Carimar Beach on whichever vacation we choose within the next three years. We were surprised because we had figured that this trip would be our ninth time at Carimar, but we had miscalculated, forgetting that three years ago we had been twice in one year.

We were delighted because there is no place we would rather be than Carimar. We’ve been to Hawaii, California, Florida and many islands in the Caribbean, especially St. Martin, which we returned to for several years. But when we discovered Anguilla, it was everything we were looking for! Then we found Carimar and since then, we haven’t had the desire to go any other place. All the staff, as well as all Anguillans, are the kindest people we have met anywhere.

The facilities of Carimar and the Island are just what we find endearing. The peace, the lack of hustle and bustle, the time just to read a book, the time just to talk with each other without the pressure of crowds of people, the pressure of shopping, the pressure to spend money in the casino just because it’s there.

At Carimar, our “room” is big and open with beautiful casual furnishings in a bedroom, living room, dining room, bath and a kitchen that is as well equipped as my kitchen at home. All this with a patio and garden just outside our sliding doors. Best of all, a short stroll through the garden puts you right on one of the most magnificent beaches you’ll find anywhere.

I’m sure some people might find this a little boring, but living right outside New York City in New Jersey and having a very busy, time consuming lifestyle with frequent separations due to travel for work, it’s wonderful for us to have time for us. Besides, anyone who misses all the action can simply jump on a ferry or plane and drop in on St. Martin to avail themselves to whatever it is they deem exciting.

Thank you Carimar, every one of you and thank you Anguilla for some of the happiest days in our lives!

Gratefully, Sharon and Jay Yarnold

P.S. Congratulations on your honorable mention in the Caribbean magazine (March 2002). Out of all the places in the Caribbean to be picked as one of the best resorts for a family reunion is outstanding, but understandable.

Hello to Carimar,

Anyone looking for a little piece of heaven. They will find it at Carimar Beach Club.The Management & Staff in the office will turn them themselves inside out to please you. It is not a problem they will say!!!! The staff that cleans the rooms are wonderful. They will help you anyway possible. All the people at Carimar are so nice they make it feel like we are returning home, each time we return. That is what my husband and I feel like,each time we come back. We are home.We can’t feel anything less because they welcome us with open arms each and every time. It’s wonderful.I can’t say enough about Carimar and it’s staff.

To our piece of heaven

Gary & Joan Fumarola