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Eat & Drink

Anguilla is known for its excellent dining opportunities. You can choose a gourmet restaurant on the beach or a neighborhood BBQ place, dine in with a chef-prepared gourmet meal, or enjoy a breakfast of freshly baked croissants in your villa, with the best view in the world.

Little Things Breakfast

Carimar's Breakfast Service

Order the evening before and enjoy your freshly baked pastry & baguette the next morning (charge)
Enjoy Carimar Eat Beach Shack

Blanchard's Beach Shack

Our neighbor to the left - always good for a small bite or a tropical drink
Enjoy Carimar Eat Gerauds

Catering & Take Away

Delicious meals delivered to your doorstep by Geraud's Catering
Enjoy Carimar Eat Straw Hat

Straw Hat

Another fine dining option - a lovely walk down the beach
Enjoy Carimar East Chef Sherman

Your private chef

A very special experience. We can organize your own private chef to cook your meal in your kitchen (and clean up)
Enjoy Carimar Eat Leons


An easy-going beach stop - just steps away from Carimar, named after the founder of Malliouhana, Mr. Leon Royden
Enjoy Carimar Eat Best Buy

Shopping Service

Send us your shopping list before you arrive and we will take care of the rest.
Enjoy Carimar Eat Blanchards Restaurant


Blanchard's fine dining - another option for our guests, just steps away from Carimar
Spice Rack

Fully equipped kitchen

Isn't it nice to cook your favorite dish for your family in your own kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal during sunset on your balcony?
Enjoy Carimar Eat Celeste

Celeste at Malliouhana Hotel

Fine dining at Malliouhana Hotel, our neighbor to the right