Anguilla Restaurants and Dining

What Restaurants Are Available to Those Guests Who Are “In Bubble” / Quarantined?

  • There is a wide selection of restaurants available for dining out during quarantine:
  • These include: Straw Hat, Blanchards, Beach Shack, Picante, Ember, Mangos, and many more. An updated list of restaurants participating with their bubble days is published weekly.
  • “In-Bubble” restaurant reservations must be made by Carimar’s Concierge Service.
  • A certified taxi will take you to the various restaurants, except for Blanchards, Beach Shack, and Leon’s, where we will escort you to.

In Bubble Restaurants:

in bubble restaurants Anguilla


in bubble restaurants Anguilla


Carimar Beach Club’s fully equipped kitchens allow guests the ability to create the perfect breakfasts on their patios, quick lunches for the beach, or the perfect romantic sunset dinners on their balconies or in their personal dining rooms.

During Quarantine, Carimar will stock your unit with all the groceries you might request prior to arrival. We are also offering shopping, including bread and pastries for you twice a week during your ‘stay in place’. Both services are offered to our guests, complimentary.

Geraud’s Catering will deliver any menu item to you – breakfast, lunch, dinner, pastries, and more. Consult Carimar’s Concierge for more information or email Click Here For Menu.

We will also have a selection of selected restaurant-quality meats and seafood specialties available to purchase for our guests. BBQ grills are available upon request.

What Restaurants Are Available to Those Guests Who Are Out of Quarantine?

For our “Out of Quarantine” guests, Anguilla offers an array of mini-marts, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and fisheries to find just about any kind of food our guests are looking for, along with a few gourmet take-out menus. The new Best Buy Supermarket is right down the street from Carimar within walking distance and has a great selection – including wine, beer, small appliances, and hardware.

“Out of Quarantine” Restaurants:

out of bubble restaurants anguilla out of bubble restaurants anguilla out of bubble restaurants anguilla


When COVID is over, and you are looking to be pampered, Anguilla offers an array of world-class five-star restaurants, beach bars, and local barbeques to choose from. There are several restaurants within walking distance of Carimar:

  • Blanchard’s at Meads Bay Located right next door to Carimar is the sophisticated five-star Blanchard’s Restaurant with an excellent Caribbean menu developed by Chef Melinda Blanchard. Blanchard’s has been recognized as a 2012 Fodor’s Choice selection.
  • Blanchard’s Beach Shack Located right next door to Carimar to the left, this beachfront restaurant is a favorite of our guests, offering family-friendly lunch, dinner, sunset drinks, or frozen desserts.
  • Jacala, an open-air restaurant café located on the beach of Mead’s Bay, is a bright spot in this area.
  • Straw Hat is located at Frangipani on Mead’s Bay. Conde Nast named Straw Hat as one of the 50 Hot New Restaurants of the World.
  • Ocean Echo is an open-air restaurant located on the western end of Meads Bay Beach.
  • Cafe Celeste at Malliouhana is a world-class restaurant perched on the cliff overlooking Mead’s Bay.
  • Leon’s Beach Bar is an upscale beach shack located to the right of Carimar.
  • B & D’s BBQ – A local favorite. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

You will find most restaurant menus at Carimar’s reception desk for your perusal. “Carimar Caring” Concierge Service will gladly make reservations for your culinary adventures.

NEW – Geraud’s Patisserie will now deliver any menu item direct to your kitchen – breakfast, lunch, dinner, pastries, and more. Email Click Here For Menu. 

Please also check out Carimar’s blog featuring “Cheap Eats on Anguilla” for value prices and family-friendly restaurants.

***Guests, please be advised. that at VEYA, STRAW HAT, CAP JULUCA AND DOLCE VITA, for parties of five or more persons, you will be asked for credit card numbers and a DEPOSIT OF $50 PER PERSON upon making your reservation. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before your reservation or if you are a “no show”, your deposit will be forfeited.

For more Anguilla dining information please visit the Anguilla Tourism website:


BELOW PLEASE FIND A LIST OF RESTAURANTS and their menus (where available). Please note that most restaurants are closed in September and October for the season.

NameCall to Verify HoursLocationDays ClosedCuisinePhone
Old CaribeOPENAnguilla Great House - Rendezvous Bay-Caribbean(264) 497-6061
CoconutsOPENAnguilla Great House - Rendezvous Bay-Beach Bar(264) 497-6061
Mango'sOPENBarnes BayTuesdayContinental(264) 497-6479
CoconoseOPENBlowing PointSundayWest Indian(264) 497-6434
Fish ShackCLOSEDBlowing PointBBQ(264) 729-9696
Ferryboat InnOPENBlowing PointSundaySeafood / Grill(264) 497-6613
The Cap Shack ***OPENCap Juluca Hotel-Tapas and Food Truck(264) 497-6666
Pimms ***OPENCap Juluca HotelWednesdayCaribbean(264) 497-6666
Cips by Cipriani ***OPENCap Juluca Hotel-Italian(264) 497-6666
Maunday's Club ***OPENCap Juluca Resort-Lite Bites(264) 497-6666
Smokey's at the CoveCLOSED. Cove BayBeach Bar and Restaurant(264) 497-6582
DaVida Main RestaurantOPENCrocus BaySunday and Monday
DaVida Bayside GrillOPENCrocus Bay-Gourmet (Main Restaurant) and Beach Grill (Bayside)(264) 498-5433

OPENCuisinart Resort-Continental(264) 498-2000
OPENCuisinart ResortMondayMediterranean(264) 498-2000
KazBarOPENCuisinart Resort-Moroccan(264) 498-2000
Tokyo Bay
OPENCuisinart ResortMonday through WednesdayAsian / Sushi(264) 498-2000
Half Shell
OPENFour Seasons Hotel-Beach Restaurant(264) 497 7000
Sunset LoungeOPENFour Seasons Hotel-Cocktail Lounge(264) 333-8057
OPENFour Seasons HotelWednesdayGourmet(264) 497-7000
Bamboo Bar and Grill
OPENFour Seasons Hotel-Bar & Grill(264) 497-7000
Daisy’sunknownGeorge HillCaribbean(264) 235-5253
Fat Cat GourmetOPEN until 3pm on week daysGeorge HillSaturday and SundayGourmet Take-Out(264) 497-2307
Pit Stop by BenOPENIsland HarborTuesdayFrench(264) 582-7667
Scilly CayOPENIsland HarbourBeach Bar and BBQ(264) 497-5123
Le Bon PainOPENIsland HarbourWednesdayFrench Bakery(264) 497-4090
Elsa'sunknownIsland HarbourCaribbean(264) 497-4706
Falcon NestOPENIsland HarbourSundayBeach Bar and Restaurant(264) 772-1127
EliteCLOSED. Island HarbourCaribbean(264) 498-5178
Artisan PizzaOPEN Island HarbourWednesday and SundayPizza(264) 235-6116
HiberniaOPEN (shuttle bus provided from Carimar)Island HarbourSunday and MondayFrench / Asian(264) 497-4290
Palm GroveOPENJunks HoleSundayBeach Grill(264) 497-4224
B & D’sOPENLong BaySunday through ThursdayBBQ(264) 497-6670
Bar SoleilOPENMalliouhana Hotel-Cocktail Lounge(786) 261-0800
Leon’s Beach BarOPENMalliouhana HotelunknownBeach Bar & Grill(786) 261-0800
Café CelesteOPENMalliouhana Hotel-Gourmet(786) 261-0800
Manoah Beach ClubOPENManoah - Shoal Bay EastMondayBeach Bar
The Restaurant at ManoahOPENManoah - Shoal Bay East-Continental(264) 498 5900
Straw Hat ***OPENMeads Bay-Gourmet(264) 497-8300
Ocean EchoOPENMeads Bay-Continental(264) 498-5454
WavesOPENMeads BayMondayBar and Tapas(264) 729-3185
Blanchard'sOPENMeads BaySundayGourmet(264) 497-6100
Blanchard's Beach ShackOPENMeads BaySundayBeach Grill(264) 498-6100
JacalaOPENMeads BayLunch Wednesday through Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday and Sunday night for dinner.French(264) 476-1132
Corner Bar PizzaOPENNorth HillTuesdayPizza(264) 497-3937
Garden TerraceOPENParadise Cove Hotel-Continental(264) 497-6959
Julian'sOPENQuintessence Hotel on Long BaySundayTropical French Bistro(264) 498-8106
The PlaceOPENRendezvous BayMondayBeach Bar and Restaurant(264) 584-6501
The Sunshine ShackOPENRendezvous BayTuesdayBeach Bar and BBQ(264) 476-0649
Dune PreserveOPENRendezvous BayvariesBeach Bar-
Johnno’sOPENSandy GroundMonday through ThursdayWest Indian(264) 497-2728
The PumphouseCLOSED. Sandy GroundAmerican / Pub(264) 497-5154
RipplesCLOSED.Sandy GroundContinental(264) 497-3380
Roy's Bayside GrillOPENSandy GroundMondaySeafood(264) 497-2470
Elvis' Beach BarOPENSandy Ground-Beach Bar(264) 476-0101
Dad's Bar & GrillOPENSandy GroundTuesdayBeach Bar and Restaurant(264) 581-3237
Veya ***OPENSandy GroundSundayGourmet(264) 498-8392
Meze ***OPENSandy GroundSundayMoroccan & Tapas(264) 498-8392
Dolce Vita ***OPENSandy Ground-Italian(264) 497-8668
SandBarOPENSandy GroundSundayTapas(264) 476-7300
Gwen's Reggae GrillOPENShoal Bay East-Beach Bar(264) 583-2120
Elodia'sOPENShoal Bay East-West Indian(264) 497-1257
Uncle Ernie'sOPENShoal Bay EastBeach Bar(264) 497-3907
SerenityOPENShoal Bay East-Continental(264) 497-3328
MadearimanOPENShoal Bay East-Beach Bar and Restaurant(264) 497-5750
Tropical SunsetOPENShoal Bay East-Beach Bar and Restaurant(264) 497-2076
Trattoria TramontoOPENShoal Bay WestMondayItalian(264) 497-8819
OPENSouth Hill-Continental(264) 584-2300
Charles PeterOPENSouth HillIndian-Thai-Cantonese(264) 584-7742
E's OvenOPENSouth HillTuesdayWest Indian(264) 498-8258
EmberOPENSouth HillMondayItalian(264) 498-2411
Tasty’sOPENSouth HillThursdayWest Indian(264) 497-2737
Geraud’s PatisserieOPEN. Will deliver any menu item direct to your door or kitchenSouth Hill-French Bakery(264) 497-5559 or
Gizelle’s Snack & LunchOPENStoney Ground on the Hospital Road-West Indian and Pizza(264) 772-9867
The Yacht Club at The Reef
OPENThe Reef at Cuisinart-Seafood(264) 498-2000
Breezes at The Reef
OPENThe Reef at Cuisinart-Beach Bar and Restaurant(264) 498-2000
Ken’s BBQOPENThe ValleySunday through WednesdayBBQ-
English RoseOPENThe ValleySundayWest Indian(264) 497-5353
Sharpy’s Shake ShackOPENThe ValleySundayContinental(264) 498-6534
Ruthy's Yum YumOPENThe ValleySundayBistro(264) 729 5530
Karla’s RestaurantOPENThe ValleyBar & Grill
Sharky’sOPENWest EndSundaySeafood(264) 729-0059
PicanteOPENWest EndSundayMexican Taqueria(264) 498-1616
Stone at ZemiOPENZemi Resort-Continental(264) 584-0001
20 Knots at ZemiOPENZemi Resort-Beach Restaurant(264) 584-0001