Carimar Beach Club – Things to Do “In the Bubble”


Carimar Beach Club received the SAFE ENVIRONMENT AWARD and is certified for stays.

-The layout and location of Carimar Beach Club allow our guests a maximum of privacy
and personal space, which is certainly highly appreciated, especially in these times.

-All of our apartments are very large (1100 sqft or 100m2) and have their private outdoor space (balcony or porch).

-Apartments have their individual access from the outside, at least 20 feet from the next

Beach chairs will be arranged at least 10 feet from each other’s family or party and
assigned to be used only by the same party/family during their stay. 

What can I do during my ‘Stay in Place’ / Quarantine Time?

After July 1, 2021, vaccinated persons are no longer required to quarantine.

However, if you are required to quarantine, however if you comply with the newly approved protocols, and are required to quarantine for some reason, your stay will still be fun, enjoyable, and a very special experience – we promise!

– You can spend as much time as you want enjoying Meads Bay, take a swim or snorkel – 
all within a designated area in front of Carimar.

– Since December 23rd, you can also walk between Carimar and Frangipani from 7 am to
6 pm, either just for a beach stroll, exercise or to enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants
along the beach within the Meads Bay Bubble (Blanchards, Beach Shack, and Straw Hat).

– There is a wide selection of restaurants available for dining out during quarantine. Those restaurants include Straw Hat, Blanchards, Beach Shack, Picante, Ember, Mangos, and many more. An updated list of restaurants participating with their bubble days is published weekly. A certified taxi will take you to the various restaurants, except for Blanchards, Beach Shack, and Leon’s, where we will escort you to.

– Nearly every restaurant on the island and caterers such as ‘Gerauds’ offer deliveries to
your apartment. You can enjoy a delicious meal in the privacy of your balcony or porch –
maybe while watching a ‘green flash’ sunset.

– Besides the restaurants, there is a wide variety of activities offered to ‘stay in place
guests’: Excursions to Scilly Cay, Sandy Island or Prickly Pear, a cruise on the ‘Tradition’ sailing ship,
Golf at Cuisinart, Scuba Diving, Fishing Trips, Yoga, Fitness, and Watersports. A list of
participating activities is updated regularly.

– Play tennis on our new synthetic ‘Agile Turf’ championship tennis courts, or you can use our courts as
well for exercise or Yoga classes.

– At Carimar, we now have kayaks and paddleboards available for our guests, which can
also be used during your ‘stay-in-place’ time. Complimentary snorkeling equipment can
be placed in your room prior to your arrival.

– If you like to work-out, we have various equipment (weights, yoga mats, resistance
bands, jump ropes, and more) available to use in your unit or on the tennis court – and
remember, you can now jog or walk along Meads Bay as well. After the quarantine period, guests may use our new fitness center by appointment.

– Carimar will stock your unit with all the groceries you might request prior to arrival. We
are also offering shopping, including bread and pastries from the Village Bakehouse for
you twice a week during your ‘stay in place’. Both services are offered to our guests

– We will also have a selection of selected restaurant-quality meats and seafood
specialties available to purchase for our guests.

– Carimar will also do your personal laundry complimentary once a week during your ‘stay
in place’ time.

– On request: Beach & Outdoor Games (e.g. Boccia/Boule).

-A wide selection of board and card games, extensive Blu-Ray and DVD Selection (Blu-Ray Player in unit).

-The use of Carimar’s bikes and snorkeling equipment are available upon request. Please allow 60
minutes for sanitizing.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and thank you for your continued loyalty and support.