Carimar Beach Club “Stay in Place” Package / Long-Term Stays / COVID Precautions


Carimar Beach Club’s “Stay in Place” Package and Long-Term Stays Now Extended Until April 30, 2021

Carimar Beach Club received the SAFE ENVIRONMENT AWARD and is certified for stays.

A few months ago, Anguilla announced their phase 2 opening to welcome visitors back to our
island within a safe environment – both for our guests but as well for the local population.

We at Carimar were able to welcome back our first repeat guests on October 18th, and since then we
have welcomed numerous guests back to Carimar – most of them long-time repeat guests, but
also some new guests who took advantage of our attractive stay-in-place packages and long-
term rates. We are glad to be busy, allowing our staff to earn a much-needed income.

In the last months, the Government approved various additional protocols to make the stay
during quarantine much more attractive (and safe), therefore, we decided to extend our special rates
until April 30th, 2021.

Depending on the length of stay, Carimar Beach Club is offering between 20% and up to 60%
discount on our regular rates from now until the end of April, helping to cover some of the
additional fees imposed due to Covid-19 and making an extended stay with us much more

‘Stay in Place’ Package at Carimar Beach Club:

Visiting Anguilla in the coming weeks and months still requires a 10 to 14 days quarantine at
Carimar. This ‘stay in place’ time might not be your usual Anguilla vacation, however with
the newly approved protocols, your stay will still be fun, enjoyable, and a very special experience
– we promise!

As of today, the required quarantine is still needed regardless of any vaccine received.  As
Anguilla also is getting its vaccine program in place in the next weeks and months, this protocol may
change sometime this spring or early summer.

What can I do during my ‘Stay in Place’ time?

– You can spend as much time as you want enjoying Meads Bay, take a swim or snorkel – 
all within a designated area in front of Carimar.
– Since December 23rd, you can also walk between Carimar and Frangipani from 7 am to
6 pm, either just for a beach stroll, exercise or to enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants
along the beach within the Meads Bay Bubble (Blanchards, Beach Shack, and Straw Hat).
– There is a wide selection of restaurants available for dining out during quarantine. Those restaurants include Straw Hat, Blanchards, Beach Shack, Picante, Ember, Mangos, and many more. An updated list of restaurants participating with their bubble days is published weekly. A certified taxi will take you to the various restaurants, except for Blanchards, Beach Shack, and Leon’s, where we will escort you to.
– Nearly every restaurant on the island and caterers such as ‘Gerauds’ offer deliveries to
your apartment. You can enjoy a delicious meal in the privacy of your balcony or porch –
maybe while watching a ‘green flash’ sunset.
– Besides the restaurants, there is a wide variety of activities offered to ‘stay in place
guests’: Excursions to Scilly Cay, Sandy Island or Prickly Pear, a cruise on the ‘Tradition’ sailing ship,
Golf at Cuisinart, Scuba Diving, Fishing Trips, Yoga, Fitness, and Watersports. A list of
participating activities is updated regularly.
– Play tennis on our new synthetic ‘Agile Turf’ championship tennis courts, or you can use our courts as
well for exercise or Yoga classes.
– At Carimar, we now have kayaks and paddleboards available for our guests, which can
also be used during your ‘stay-in-place’ time. Complimentary snorkeling equipment can
be placed in your room prior to your arrival.
– If you like to work-out, we have various equipment (weights, yoga mats, resistance
bands, jump ropes, and more) available to use in your unit or on the tennis court – and
remember, you can now jog or walk along Meads Bay as well. After the quarantine period, guests may use our new fitness center by appointment.
– Carimar will stock your unit with all the groceries you might request prior to arrival. We
are also offering shopping, including bread and pastries from the Village Bakehouse for
you twice a week during your ‘stay in place’. Both services are offered to our guests
– We will also have a selection of selected restaurant-quality meats and seafood
specialties available to purchase for our guests.
– Carimar will also do your personal laundry complimentary once a week during your ‘stay
in place’ time.
– On request: Beach & Outdoor Games (e.g. Boccia/Boule), a wide selection of board and
card games, extensive Blu-Ray and DVD Selection (Blu-Ray Player in unit).

Before you notice, your ‘stay in place’ time will be over. And if you have time and can/want to
stay longer (many of our guests extended their stay once they arrived in Anguilla), take
advantage of our long term stay rates.

Long Term Stays at Carimar Beach Club:

If you stay with us for more than 14 days this season, you will qualify for a substantial discount
off of our regular rates, depending on the time of the year and your length of stay. As of today, this
offer is valid for stays until April 30th , 2021. This might be extended, always depending on the
restrictions and Covid-19 situation in the coming months.

If you have a little bit more time or can imagine working from your balcony overlooking Meads
Bay for a month or more, this might be the chance to enjoy Anguilla for such an extensive time.
Best of all, after your 10 to 14 days ‘Stay in Place’ vacation, you can enjoy your vacation the
same way you always did, without any restrictions (but let’s keep social distancing and hygiene
measures in place). If you are interested, please provide us with your preferred dates and we
will happily send you the pricing for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ long-term stay with us!

We hope that this information is helpful. If you have any additional questions or comments,
please contact us by email – or call us toll-free at 866-270-3764. We will be happy to assist you to finalize your next visit to Carimar Beach Club.

New Cancellation Policy Due to COVID-19:

We hope that you and your family are all safe and healthy. Although we know that traveling can
still be challenging in these times, Carimar remains operational and open and is looking forward
to welcoming our guests back to Anguilla – whenever you feel comfortable visiting us again. The
ongoing vaccinations will certainly assist in feeling safer to travel. We at Carimar will be ready to
welcome you back.

We have implemented protocols and safety measures to make sure to keep everybody safe and
still have their special time in their ‘home away from home’ with us in Anguilla. We fully
understand that we all do not know what the next months might bring and with ever-changing
travel restrictions, your vacation plans might change. To that end, until further notice, Carimar
Beach Club is offering you flexibility, in case your travel plans are affected by official travel
restrictions. In such a case, you can reschedule your vacation with us at no additional costs for a
period of up to 13 months from your original arrival date. As an alternative, we can also offer a
full refund of your deposit should your reservation be affected by the COVID-19 crisis and fall
within the 60-day cancellation period. Please contact us at or call us toll-
free 866-270-3764 to answer any questions or to reschedule your trip.

When you are ready, we will be ready to provide you with a much-needed escape to relax and
rejuvenate after this incredibly stressful period. Please take care of yourselves and your family.
Continue to follow us for the newest updates on Instagram @CarimarBeachClub and on
Facebook where it is our pleasure to share with you a little piece of paradise until we can
welcome you back.

We are here for you.

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should
be… and making the best of it. “
– Anonymous

Our Commitment to Health and Safety:

We are committed to putting the safety and security of our guests and team members as our
number one priority.  Prior to making a reservation and arrival at our hotel, please ask us to send
to you our detailed procedure guideline on how to apply for your visit and to make sure your
preparation and travel itself will be easy and safe without surprises.

At Carimar Beach Club, the health and safety of our guests and team members is our primary
concern. To that end, we have taken significant measures in response to the Novel Coronavirus
(COVID-19) pandemic to safeguard the well-being of all who visit our small resort. In
conjunction with direction from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), World
Health Organization (WHO) and updates from local health departments as well as guidelines
published by Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s Safe Stay checklist, Carimar Beach Club
has crafted a suite of measures and procedures dedicated to ensuring the cleanliness of our resort
and the safety of our community. Carimar received last September the official ‘Safe environment
certificate’ by our Health Department and is ready to welcome you back.  It is crafted to reassure
all that health and safety are foremost in our hearts and minds.  

-The layout and location of Carimar Beach Club allow our guests a maximum of privacy
and personal space, which is certainly highly appreciated, especially in these times.

-All of our apartments are very large (1100 sqft or 100m2) and have their private outdoor space (balcony or porch).

-They have their individual access from the outside, at least 20 feet from the next

-There are only very limited common areas at Carimar Beach Club (Reception, Gym,
Guest Laundry, Tennis Court).

-Procedures will guarantee that the necessary social distancing will always be maintained where needed and that these areas will be properly sanitized between usage.

-Beach chairs will be arranged at least 10 feet from each other’s family or party and
assigned to be used only by the same party/family during their stay. 

In addition to our already rigorous cleanliness standards, the program’s principles include a Heightened Deep-Cleaning and Sanitization Process:

– Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the property in high-touch areas including, but not
limited to each apartment, reception entrance, gym, guest laundry. 

-Utilization of sanitized guest room keys

-Guests will be provided with hand sanitizer and face masks (if necessary) upon arrival.

-Sanitizing wipes are available for high-touch areas.

-Increased frequency of sanitizing high-touch areas including, but not limited to handrails, door
handles, entry doors.

Guest Accommodations (Apartments):  

-Stringent cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be used to clean the apartments.  

-Your room will be cleaned and disinfected with our EPA-approved antibacterial cleaners prior to
your arrival with a focus on all high-touch areas (e.g., switches and electronic remote controls,
handles and knobs, bathroom surfaces, hard surfaces).

-Guest rooms will be cleaned prior to arrival with cleanroom door seal notification to indicate
the room has not been accessed after being thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

-Decluttering of guestroom and removal of non-essential reusable items from guest rooms
including, but not limited to collateral material, pen, paper, and directories. 

-To allow our housekeeping team to cope with all those new cleaning procedures, all bathroom
towels, facecloths, and bathmats will be replaced only twice weekly during your stay, however,
you can always request fresh towels between as well during your stay if needed. All bedding,
including sheets, pillowcases are changed once a week.

-Beach towels will be supplied in your room. We are happy to replace these upon request.

-All decorative pillows have been temporarily removed.

-Extra pillows and blankets have been removed but can be requested at the front office before 7 pm daily. 

-The Guest information book, normally found in your guest room, has been removed. You will be
provided with a PDF version prior to check-in.

-We have provided hand sanitizer in your room and encourage you to wash your hands frequently
and use the hand sanitizer. Please do not remove the hand sanitizer from your room.

-If you require any service in your room (e.g., plumbing, electrical, TV, internet, air conditioners)
we will ask you to temporarily vacate the room during service.

-The use of Carimar’s bikes and snorkeling equipment are available upon request. Please allow 60
minutes for sanitizing.

Checking In & Out:

-Front desks will have temporary plexiglass barriers installed for added prote

-We are requesting that guests take a break from shaking hands and hugging the Carimar family.
This is tough! But we will make it up with BIG SMILES (6 feet away)!

-During check-in, guests are provided with a COVID-19 fact sheet with hotel policies regarding
distancing and personal protective equipment.

-Introduction for contactless requests and inquiries (concierge service) communication by phone
and electronic platforms (e-mails, WhatsApp, and more). 

-Contactless check-out is now available. We will send you your final bill the evening before
departure by email or other electronic messaging (WhatsApp etc.).

-We will charge the credit card you provided at the time of your reservation via our secure online
system, eliminating the need to physically handle your credit card and process your charges in-
person. A copy of your final bill with the credit card receipt will be mailed to you within 24
hours of your departure. 

Keeping Each Other Safe:

-Guests and the members of the Carimar family are required to practice physical distancing of at
least six feet from others while meeting each other on the grounds at Carimar Beach Club
(except for your family/party).

-All guests and Carimar employees will be monitored for signs of symptoms.

-Complimentary face masks and individual hand sanitizers will be provided.  

-Heightened focus on sanitizing and spacing of furnishings in high traffic areas like the reception
is a priority too. Only one family/party at the time will be allowed to use guest laundry and gym
(by appointment only) with sanitizing between the usage. 

Team Member Protocols:
-All team members receive mandated training on COVID-19 safety, sanitization, and response

-All hotel Team Members will be provided with masks, gloves, and protective eyewear as
required while continuing to provide exceptional hospitality services.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and thank you for your continued loyalty and support.