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Anguilla news can be found in the local newspapers on the island, but to find out what’s happening on Mead’s Bay and at Carimar Beach Club, browse our Carimar Chronicle Newsletter.

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issue2 Carimar Chronicle Issue 6
• An update from Fred • Honored Employees
• New furnishings unveiled • Eating in at Carimar
• 20-visit Awardees recognized
• 10-year Awardees honored


Newsletter Issue 5 Carimar Chronicle Issue 5
• An update from Fred
• What’s New at Carimar
• Along Meads Bay
• Footsteps by Tess Martin


issue4 Carimar Chronicle Issue 4
• An update from Fred • Anguilla without Tourism
• What’s New at Carimar • Dining on Meads Bay…a short walk away!
• About our Staff – Annual Carimar Staff Party • Winter special in sunny Anguilla
• Expanded service to AXA from San Juan!


issue3 Carimar Chronicle Issue 3
• An update from Fred • The Bachelor comes to Anguilla!
• About our staff • Your favorite photos from Carimar
• Christmas at Carimar • Long time guest pens new book
• Meads bay in June 2010 issue of ISLANDS Magazine • Winter special in sunny Anguilla

Carimar Chronicle – Issue 2

Carimar Chronicle – Issue 1